Kick Start 7

Get results in just 7 Days... Guaranteed.
Feel amazing again. Your 7-Day home fitness and inch loss plan will be sent to your home. 7 Daily home videos to follow. 

7-Day Home Fitness & Nutrition Plan

7 - Inspirational Home Workouts
7 - Day Healthy Eating Plan
7 - Guaranteed Results

Lost your motivation?

Take our KICKSTART7 challenge and take your fitness & inch loss to the next level.

Ideal for people that need the motivation to make a start towards becoming healthier and fitter.
Assess your fitness and strength on day-1 and day-7 to track your progress.
There's also a kitchen planner, tape measure and progress tracker to track your results.

Your confirmation email has all the links to the YouTUBE home workouts that you simply push to your TV.
The rest of the plan including your results planner and menus will be posted to you 1st class within 48 hours of purchase.
Ready when you are...

Confirmation email including all the information will be sent within 24 hours.