Trichological Hair loss and scalp clinic

Hair is the second fastest reproducing cell in the human body, it is also a good indicator that something internally within the body is not as it should be? This can a multitude of factors, which a thorough consultation can investigate to establish the prognosis. Only then can a bespoke treatment plan be instigated.

Stephen has chosen to set up his clinic at Iveridge Hall, for the reason that It offers a unique approach to wellness in addition to the other services available to his patients. This complete package fits perfectly with his holistic approach to treating hair and scalp disorders.

Basically it's “All together better”

Trichological Hair loss and Scalp clinic, does not offer any Hairdressing services such as cutting styling or colouring.

Although hair treatments are available to improve the texture, moisture and elasticity of hair.

Stephen says “That when your hair looks wonderful you feel wonderful too!”.

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Stephen Garfit AIT

Consultant Trichologist

Stephen Qualified from The Institute of Trichologists London, the foremost professional association for Trichologists in the World, the largest provider of Trichology training in Europe, Established in 1902.

What is Trichology?

Clinical Trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp, such as:

Hair loss in Men, Women and Children

Problems of the scalp such as Eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, Itchy scalps, excessive Dandruff and greasy scalps

Hair texture problems such as uncontrollable hair, dry brittle, dull lifeless hair

Treatments with specifically targeted benefits

Holistic consultation process to get to the root cause of the problem not just the symptom

Hair Transplant referral and reviews to an award winning surgical team within the UK

Specially selected Hair loss and scalp preparations are available to purchase

If you are concerned about any hair or scalp problem phone, text or email for a confidential chat about how Stephen could help you!

Phone: 07904353108